Hisense 50H8C
History Charts

Hisense 50H8C 50" 4K Ultra HD LCD TV

50H8C Price History Chart

This price history chart shows our affiliated retailers' highest and lowest published prices for a new 50H8C HDTV. Unpublished secret low prices are not included, which may have been lower than what is shown here. The best published price for a new 50H8C was $286.64 most recently on February 2, 2017.

50H8C Popularity Ranking History Chart

This popularity ranking history chart shows the relative popularity for the 50H8C at our affiliated retailers as compared to all other brands and models of HDTVs. For example, a popularity ranking of #1 means that it was the best selling HDTV model. The best popularity rank for the 50H8C was #19 on November 28, 2016.